Libertarian Syndicalism with Tom Wetzel

Libertarian Syndicalism with Tom Wetzel

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Libertarian Syndicalism with Tom Wetzel

This week, we share our chat with Tom Wetzel on his recently published book Overcoming Capitalism: Strategy for the Working Class in the 21st Century (AK Press, 2022). Tom is an organizer with Worker’s Solidarity Alliance, an anarcho-syndicalist group relaunching in the SF Bay Area, which publishes to Ideas & Action journal online and is affiliated with the International Worker’s Association IWA/AIT.

For the hour we talk about the book, questions of economics and self-management, the ecological feasibility of Tom’s Libertarian Socialist model, recent labor struggles and other subjects. We hope you enjoy and suggest giving the book a read if this conversation tickles your fancy.

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  • “Ninth Wave” by Trifonic from Ninth Wave
  • “I Wish That They’d Sack Me and Leave Me To Sleep” by Chumbawamba from The Boy Bands Have Won