Felony Littering Trials Under Way in Asheville

Felony Littering Trials Under Way in Asheville

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This week: a chat with Pip, a defendant in, and Grace, a supporter of, the Aston Park Defendants case which led to the arrest of 16 people, including 2 journalists for the Asheville Blade, many facing various charges of felony littering and conspiracy to felony litter. You can read some background to this in the words fo the Sanctuary Park defendants at AVLSolidarity.NoBlogs.Org by clicking the “Our Story” link and there’s a bunch more there, including how to support the defendants monetarily. We spend the hour talking about gentrification, police repression, mutual aid and resistance in this small, “progressive” mountain town in the US south. Trials begin April 10, 2023.

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Later this week, I’ll be speaking with members of Feminist Anti-War Resistance (Telegram in Russian, more at their LinkTr.Ee), a Russian network mostly in exile, about their protests against the Russian state’s war on the people of Ukraine and their organizing in the diaspora. I’ll try to get that out early next week for patrons. . … . ..

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