Eli Meyerhoff on ‘Beyond Education’ (Rebroadcast)

Eli Meyerhoff on ‘Beyond Education’ (Rebroadcast)

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This week we are re-airing an interview from November 10th, 2019, by Scott Branson with Eli Meyerhoff about his book Beyond Education: Radical Studying for Another World. In this book, Meyerhoff “traces how key elements of education emerged from histories of struggles in opposition to alternative modes of study bound up with different modes of world-making. Taking inspiration from Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and Indigenous resurgence projects, he charts a new course for movements within, against, and beyond the university as we know it.” and this quote is from the University of Minnesota webpage, who also published his book.

This interview covers a lot of issues such as the historical and colonial construction of what we think of today as education. In this interview, Scott and Eli talk about his book, the vast terrain that the book covers, experiences in academia when one is operating as politically radical, and some alternatives to education that we can see and experience in the world around us.

Eli Meyerhoff can be found at elimeyerhoff.com and the Abolition University at abolition.university.

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